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  • This rebounder is unlike any other soft wall rebounder on the market today.
  • The new PATENT PENDING technology of the LAXWORX HARD WALL deforms the ball upon collision with the wall, rather than deforming the wall.
  • The kinetic energy of a thrown ball will be transformed and stored in the ball itself rather than in the wall upon collision.
  • This is a drastically different approach from the soft wall rebounders that inefficiently store the energy in the springs and fabric of the wall itself.
  • Due to the relatively small deformation of the ball, these transformations of energy are achieved in a fraction of the time and with such great efficiency, which is what leads to the dramatic performance improvement over conventional soft walls.
  • Laxworx has taken advantage of a lacrosse ball’s unique elastic properties and ability to efficiently store and return energy, far more effectively than any soft wall. This wall plays extremely quick, extremely fast, and extremely long if desired.
  • Your wall will perform for its entire lifetime, as good as it did on day one.
  • The wall body is made from a high density composite material that is as dense as concrete and more than 150X stronger than concrete.
  • Attractive, high gloss, UV stable, weatherproof finish
  • All stainless steel & anodized aluminum hardware for ultimate weathering

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