Savage X Lacrosse XPRO Standard Shaft - Attack

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The XPRO Standard is an INCREDIBLY lightweight shaft with a paintless anodized finish. Through Savage X Lacrosse’s multi-step electrochemical anodizing process each shaft is submerged in an acidic solution which reduces weight as well as imbues the shaft with color at a molecular level. The process is lengthy and very exacting but the result is a shaft free of the weight of paints and primers, allowing it to be extremely lightweight yet retaining the strength of Titanium and giving it an amazing shimmery, durable metallic finish.

  • Handle Shape: Scalloped Octagon Oval Profile
  • Reflective Property: Matte/Metallic
  • Butt End: Traditional Rubber Savage X End Cap
  • Length: 30”
  • Suitable for: Attack/Middie
  • Material: Titanium
  • Average Weight (oz.): 5.71
  • Average Weight (g.): 162
  • Average Shaft Wall Thickness: 0.96mm
  • Shaft Finish: Smooth



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