Want a custom dye/pocket done by our LU specialists but you already have a brand new head? Not a problem! All you would have to do is follow these instructions on how to send your head in to get a custom dye or custom stringing.
ALL custom dyes must be done on white, completely unused lacrosse heads. Custom Stringing can be done on any head no matter the condition. 
You must print and fill out the Custom Dye/Stringing Form (click here to download) and accompany it with the head you are sending us. All required fields on the Custom Dye/Stringing Form have a check mark in the top right corner, all not required fields will have an "X" in the top right corner. You MUST include your email address and phone number so we may contact you for payment or with any issues. Not all heads are compatable with all dyes, so adjustments may need to be made to the dye if this issue occurs. 
All custom dye prices vary depending on difficulty, extensive coloring and details that go into it. Please contact us at [email protected] if you wish to price out a dye before sending your head.  If not, we will contact you via email/phone and inform you of cost when your head arrives.  All payments must be made with either a credit card over the phone or a PayPal invoice which would be sent over via email. Cash/Check are not acceptable payment methods. 
Custom Stringing pricing can be figured out relatively simply. We charge $19.99 plus the cost of the piece of mesh you want. The $19.99 is broken down into two charges: $13.99 Stringers Fee + $6.00 for the shooters and sidewall strings. Additional money may be added on if StringKing Grizzly Strings or East Coast Dyes HeroStrings are requested. 
Women's Stringing and Men's Traditional Stringing are both $40.00*  
All available mesh pieces for Custom Stringing can be found on the site here: http://lacrosseunlimited.com/mens/lacrosse-sticks/lacrosse-mesh-stringing-supplies/
ALL Custom Dyed and Custom Stringing must be paid for in full before the customization process begins.
Please send all heads to:
Lacrosse Unlimited
59 Gilpin Avenue
Hauppauge NY, 11788
ATTN: Web Department
Disclaimer: Lacrosse Unlimited is not responsible for lost/damaged packages during the initial shipping of your head to LU. PLEASE hold on to all tracking numbers so we may verify delivery dates and location in the event of shipping incident. 





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