Spoonie Nominees (Gloves)

Spoonie Nominees (Gloves)

Lacrosse Unlimited is proud to introduce the Players Choice Awards - The Spoonies. Click Here to vote for your favorite lacrosse equipment of the year in the categories of Heads, Cleats, Gloves and Protective Gear, and you will receive a chance to win the grand prize of a $500 Lacrosse Unlimited Gift Card or the winning piece of gear from each category.

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  1. STX Stallion 500 Lacrosse Gloves
    STX Stallion 500 Lacrosse Gloves
    $179.99 - $184.99
  2. 2017 Warrior Evo Lacrosse Gloves in White Front View
    Warrior Evo Pro Lacrosse Gloves - 2017
  3. Maverik Max Lacrosse Gloves in White
    Maverik Max Lacrosse Gloves



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