Click below to view each manufacturers warranty information against defect during normal play.

ALL Manufacturer Warranties Are Void On Cystom Dyed Lacrosse Heads.

Lacrosse Unlimited is an Authorized Dealer for all brands we sell online and at retail stores. Buying from an authorized dealer allows your equipment to be covered under the brands limited warranty. Each products limited warranty period is specified on the manufacturers website / packaging. The warranty period is effective from the original date of purchase on the Lacrosse Unlimited receipt / invoice or online by registering for an account.

Adidas - https://www.adidas.com/us/help?hcid=HCID_RETURN_REFUND

Brine - https://www.warrior.com/returns-warranty-usa-brine-lacrosse.html

Cascade - http://www.cascadehelmets.com/FAQ

ECD - https://www.ecdlax.com/warranty.html

EPOCH - https://www.epochlacrosse.com/warranty/

Lacrosse Unlimited - https://lacrosseunlimited.com/returns-exchanges

Maverik - https://maveriklacrosse.com/home/warranty/

Nike - http://www.stx.com/legal/warranty (equipment powered by STX)

Stringking - https://stringking.com/support/warranty/

STX - http://www.stx.com/legal/warranty

TRUE - https://truetothegame.com/warranty-returns/

Under Armour- http://www.22lax.com/index.php/warranty

Warrior - http://www.warrior.com/USA-Lacrosse-Returns/returns-warranty-usa-lacrosse,default,pg.html




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